Creating A Hurricane Emergency Kit: Four Things To Know


Planning for a hurricane can help to protect you and your family during this severe type of weather. One way to prepare in advance is to create a hurricane emergency kit. Use this guide to keep your kit stocked with essential supplies so you and your family have the items you need as you wait for the storm and flooding to subside.

Inflatable Boat And Life Jackets

The flooding that can occur in the days after a hurricane can overwhelm even the most sturdy of homes. In the event that your home sees significant flooding, you'll want to have a safety and escape plan. This means having the right equipment needed to evacuate your flooded home. Keep life jackets in your supply kit, ensuring you have one that fits every member of your family. If you have pets, you may want to consider getting life jackets to fit them to. Have a few extra on hand just in case you have extra people in your home, and invest in an inflatable boat or raft you can use to get out of your flooded neighborhood.

Medical Supplies

Being prepared for medical emergencies is always a good idea, particularly during a hurricane when emergency crews may not be able to reach you. Keep a first aid kit stocked and ready, and visit your pharmacy to add a few essentials that might not be included in a pre-made kit. These items might include over-the-counter topical anesthetics, suture kits, and over-the-counter pain medications. If anyone in your family takes  prescription medications, have your pharmacy do an emergency refill in the days before the storm is expected to hit. You may also be able to request samples of your regular prescriptions from your doctor, which can be kept in the emergency kit at all times.

Food And Water

An emergency food and water supply is essential during a hurricane and the days following the storm. Purchase bottled water ahead of time, and place several bottles in your freezer before the storm hits. The frozen water will help to keep your freezer cold in the event of a power outage, so you can preserve some of your food, and it gives you access to cold drinking water as well. Stock up on canned goods, such as fruits, beans, and vegetables, and have plenty of high-protein snacks available. Canned peanuts, energy bars, and jerky snacks are all good options. Keep an emergency supply of pet food ready as well, and purchase extra bottled water to keep your pets hydrated.

It's a good idea to build your emergency supply kit in advance when there's no hurricane in the forecast, as it gives you a better chance of finding everything you need to keep your family safe.


10 September 2017

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