Sew Special: How To Create A Gift Basket For A Beginning Embroiderer


Starting a new hobby is like embarking on an exciting adventure into the unknown. There is the initial excitement of learning something new combined with the feeling of anxiously awaiting the outcome of the first completed project. If you have someone special in your life who is starting to learn the art of embroidery, you can show them your support and encourage them by giving them a gift basket to help them on their new journey.

Choose a basket

A basket with a lid is a great option for your gift, as the basket will keep the items neat and clean. You may also choose a special fabric sewing basket designed for the seamstress. Fabric sewing baskets come in a range of designs, sizes, and colors to suit anyone's personality.  

Select a variety of hand-stitched embroidery patterns

Providing your gift recipient with several hand-stitched embroidery patterns will get them off to a great start. Choose a few beginner patterns with simple stitches that will facilitate easier learning. Add hand-stitched patterns for a medium skill level that they can advance to when ready.  

Stock up on needles

Quality embroidery needles will glide though embroidery fabric with ease. Choose several sizes to accommodate a variety of hand-stitched embroidery patterns that will require different stitches. Consider options like crewel, tapestry, chenille, or milliner needles.

Add plenty of embroidery floss

High-quality embroidery floss is essential when creating hand-stitched embroidery designs to prevent fading and shrinkage of the finished piece. Choose an array of colors from bold to pastel shades to help the recipient get off to a great start. A color chart for the type of thread you buy can be helpful for keeping track of floss colors for future purchases.

Don't forget the little extras

A pair of therapeutic gloves designed for crafters could make a great addition to your gift. Whimsical pin cushions that fit on the wrist can keep needles secure and within easy reach when stitching. Metal and fabric thimbles are also useful items for an embroiderer.

Embarking on a new hobby is fun, but it can feel a little lonely if you don't have friends to join you on the journey. You can support your friend or loved one in their new endeavor by giving them a thoughtful gift basket filled with all the accessories they need to get started. They will appreciate the gesture, and you will feel good knowing you offered your loved one the support and encouragement they needed to get off to a great start.


7 October 2020

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