3 Hardware Store Purchases To Help Decrease Seasonal Depression


When winter comes around, days are shorter, skies look grey, and seasonal affective disorder sets in for many people. Environmental changes and upgrades in the home can help people cope with seasonal depression. If you want to seek out a homeopathic way to improve your mood and feelings, then consider a visit to the hardware store.

A hardware store offers some upgrades and projects that can help improve seasonal affective disorder and allow you to cope through the winter months until spring arrives.

1. LED Day Bulbs

A lack of proper daylight can have a major impact on a person's feelings and moods. If you go into work early and get out in the late afternoon, then you may barely get to see any sunlight throughout the day. Add the visuals of sunlight with the purchase of LED day bulbs. The bulbs can effectively reproduce the same colors and light tones as the sun.

You can add more illumination to rooms and eliminate the darkness throughout your house. For example, you could add accent lights on the walls so rooms look light they are filled with natural light. You can add light fixtures to areas where you may not typically have a lot of light like certain hallways.

If you purchase smart bulbs, then you can set all the lights to turn on in the moments before you arrive home so your house is fully illuminated.

2. Lighter Paint Colors

Along with the lights, consider the paint colors on your walls. Darker paint colors can impact your visuals and the psychological effects of seasonal affective disorder. A new coat of paint can add a lot of freshness to a home and provide vibrant visuals. Choose bright and glossy colors or vivid pastels that remind you of spring and summer.

The project itself will help keep you busy and give you a lot to focus on during the winter months.

3. DIY Projects

Along with paint, consider other DIY projects from the hardware store. With new activities to look forward to, you can feel positive and fill your time with new ways to learn. As you visit a hardware store, check out all of the different kits and options to work with. For example, you can find a wide range of wood-based projects to paint, carve, and design.

You could work on projects for others as well. For example, you could make presents for birthdays or holidays. Some hardware stores will offer DIY tutorials and give you complete guides on making projects.

Check out a local hardware store and plan multiple visits to help transform your home through the winter months.


7 December 2022

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